Wellcome to Yoga Wellness!

Yoga Wellness is situated in a peaceful place, in the heart of Macau city.

Yoga Wellness offers a wide variety of yoga classes, for a wide variety of individual needs in a supportive, fresh and friendly environment. Our teachers are amazing with years of experience and all have unique styles of teaching. Our commitment to yoga, and love for our students is the most priority for us.

We warmly welcome students of all ages and physical condition to come and experience the joy of a yoga class that will give you gently challenging guidance with no pressure.

"Each human being comes on earth to attain and gain knowledge. If you practice the true path of yoga with a honest and sincere effort.......in your heart Yoga will bring ultimate joy, happiness and beauty into your life"...Abtar

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Reflection on one year of our center !

On 1 December, exactly one year ago, our center opened its doors for the first time. I can’t say it seems like we just got started yesterday. It doesn’t. A moment of reflecting on one year at this sweet little studio, and a reflection of my yoga practice and the practice of the many wonderful students who throughout all these days have made up and continue to make up the creature known as Yoga Wellness.

In this anniversary, I would like to take this opportunity for expressing my appreciation and gratitude to all of you, for the unswerving support that you, our students, have given over these days. Without you, Yoga Wellness wouldn’t have at all. You have provided us the opportunity to take the yoga we love and cherish so deeply and share it with you in the hopes of making your life healthier and more serene and with the intention of awakening the awareness we all need to make the world a better place for us all.

Thank you so much
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